Monthly Archives: August 2015

Fault in Our Stars, By: Lily Hughes

The Fault in Our Stars, a perfectly written novel by John Green (a wonderful young adult author), is a need to read book if you liked the Divergent Series. A stunning romance with a dramatic ending will have you crying and laughing all through the book. In my opinion, The Fault in Our Stars is one of the finest novels I have ever read. I highly suggest it to you if you ever find yourself in the library or a bookstore.

The Baby-Sitters Club Kristy’s Great Idea

The book I read is called “The Baby-Sitters Club Kristy’s Great Idea”.  So far I am only at the beginning and it is really good because Kristy was really eager to get out of school.  As soon as she heard the bell ring she yelled, “HOORAY!” And now she has to write a 100 word essay on decorum.  Towards the end of the book it got even better because she was suppose to watch a boy named Michael and since she forgot, the boy was locked outside of the house.  I highly recommend you read this book.