Literacy means health, education and income
for children, families and communities.

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Meet Our Board Members

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Sumer Statler Aeed
Project Chair

Dr. Sumer Statler Aeed currently works as a private practice psychologist and consultant in Scottsdale, Arizona seeing a diverse group of individuals and families and providing consulting services to schools and businesses.

For more than two decades, Dr. Aeed has worked as a psychologist, educator, facilitator and consultant in the fields of psychology and education. She has worked with children and adults in educational, clinical, and prevention settings.

Dr. Aeed is passionate about opening opportunities in life for children. She volunteers with children’s school gardens, reading literacy, and promotes free access to books for children who are homeless.

Dr. Aeed holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations, a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology. She lives with her two daughters, 8 chickens, dog, 4 cats, ferret and pig in Scottsdale.

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Nefretari Salahdeen

Nefretari Salahdeen is active in coordinating and transferring early readiness metric to measure the impact of providing books on a regular basis to 10% student enrollment at Booker T. Washington Child Development Center.

Ms. Salahdeen is a former educator and retired Head Start Director who brings along expertise on early reading readiness. She implemented programs that encouraged parent involvement in school and parents reading to their children on a daily basis.

Ms. Salahdeen was instructed early in life by her parents to look up the definition of unfamiliar words. And, that the success she attained in life would be based on the books she read. Passing on the family tradition, Ms. Salahdeen modeled her mother’s example of reading for enjoyment, exploration, and learning to her children and grandchildren.

Ms. Salahdeen was born in Bronx, New York, where she attended public school. As a young adult she helped people make meaningful changes in their lives when met with challenges that overwhelmed them and their families.

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Isis Salahdeen

Isis Salahdeen is a Mortgage Servicing Specialist at Bank of America in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ms. Salahdeen is an effective leader with proven communication skills. She leads an energized team towards her company’s goals. Ms. Salahdeen is responsible for management and quality control of claim portfolios in respect to HUD regulations and Investor guidelines and using knowledge of policies and procedures for loan products.

As in her current position, Ms. Salahdeen also gained a wealth of financial experience working at Chase and Wells Fargo, interpreting policies and verifying compliance to loan products and government banking regulations.

Previously, Ms. Salahdeen taught junior high school math and science for five years and tutored K– 8, for two years.

Ms. Salahdeen earned a BA from Arizona State University and a M.Ed., magna cum laude from the University of Phoenix. She has two lovely daughters, 8 and 20 years of age.